Adding LEDs

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Initial results were encouraging but the image was very susceptible to changing light levels.  This was in the main, caused by the close focus and there close proximity of the CentreCam body to the work piece.   This necessitated a long angle light source which gave rise to glints and did not illuminate the work piece that well.

To overcome this problem a built in light source was considered.  After some experimentation, a ring of six LEDs were added and powered via the Webcam USB interface.

The components used are shown opposite; 6 while LEDs, 6 series resistors and a circuit board.  

The circuit board was cut from single sided copper clad board and the tracks were milled out rather than using conventional printed circuit board technique.

The components were soldered on the copper side to ensure the underside was flush and the system tested with a 6 V battery.


To hold the LEDs an aluminium ring was manufactured.  The circuit board and mounting ring fitted into the existing housing as shown below.
The original two part housing was turned out to provide space for the circuit board and the power supply connected to the webcam circuit board.

The whole units was assembled and tested.


Results with LED illumination


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