Results With LEDs

Watch This Space:  Version 2 of CentreCam software will be available soon;

With New features and bug fixes.





Typical images using the CentreCam with the LED illumination are shown below:

The image opposite shows a brass work piece, smeared with blue, and scribed with two perpendicular lines centred using CentreCam.  The LED illumination is clearly evident by the six bright spots.

In practice these do not detract from the view because it is the central area, the intersection of the lines, that is important.  

Similarly, this image shows the work piece centred about a centre pop.  The circle alignment line is used to highlight this.
Here a partially milled work piece is required to be aligned about a pre existing hole.  The circle alignment lines is used for this purpose.
Different materials and surfaces give different clarity of image.  The picture opposite shows two crosshairs centred in two pop marks in rough mild steel.
Likewise, aluminium gives a different appearance.  Here a piece is centred on a pop mark. 

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