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CentreCam software has been written specifically for workshop use - either with a lathe or milling machine.  It assumes a 640 x 480 pixel webcam and has been tested on Windows 2000 and Windows XP platforms.

The software has been designed so that the functionality provided is accessible and controllable using the mouse, key strokes or a touch screen.   The second two of these forms of control were judged to be highly desirable since mouse operation in the workshop can be problematic.


Version 1.2 is the current release.  It provides the following functionality:

User selectable cross hairs, circle and alignment lines.

A choice of alignment lines provide enhanced facilities of centering, edge detection and measurement.

Choice of on-screen buttons, cursor keys, and function keys to control of cross hairs, circle and alignment lines.

These controls allow lines to be moved, the diameter of the alignment circle to modified and distances to be measured. 

A centering mode to allow the centre of the crosshairs, circle and alignment lines to be adjusted.  

This provides compensation for any off-axis or squint effects of the camera.

A measurement mode to allow both distance and angular measurements to be made.

After calibration the alignment lines can be used to measure distances, diameters and angle.  In this mode the CentreCam becomes a workshop profile projector and magnifier.


User control of screen layout and line colours.

The screen layout is resizable with several options of which buttons are displayed and the user has a choice of line colours.  

Colour and greyscale modes.

The camera can optionally be putting greyscale mode.  In some lighting conditions this can give rise to a clearer image.    


Optional normalisation in greyscale mode.

In greyscale mode only, the user can optionally choose the normalisation mode.  In this mode the dynamic range of the image is expanded to encompass both black and fully saturated white.  Again, this mode can enhance the image.

Selection of webcam sources.

If the host PC has another webcam used for normal webcam use, the software allows the user to define which source to use for CentreCam.

Access to driver features provided by the webcam supplier.

The CentreCam software provides access to the Logitech drives and format dialogues some that full control is maintained.

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